viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

My favorite piece of Technology

Well, I'm not very skilled in technology stuff, but with the time I have learned that is a very important sphere in the modern life, because make life much more easier and quick in all aspects so you have to be trained to discover all the posibilities that the technology could offer you.
The device with a I started to understand all this world is my cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy i5500. Is a Smartphone which have a operating system, Android, so you can extend the funcionality of the device with different applications or "apps". This apps could be different kinds of games, or could be somethings so useful like an English-Spanish traductor. Also you can connect with social networks like facebook or twitter or you just can listen music or radio.
I got this device since one year ago, when I saved money to buy a cellphone which I could see my e-mail. In that time I considered not necesary a smarthphone but I just let myself go by this cellphone.
I use this device all time, seven days a week. Well I have to say it, I'm a little slave of this device, this is one of the consecuence of technology I belive.

viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

My favorite band

I don`t really have a favorite band, I think that you have different moment in your life where you have different favorite artist, movies or books. Well, saying that, my favorite band in this moment is an american group called Pearl Jam, they formed in Seatle like other awesome groups like Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soudgarden. They are of the principal bands of grunge movement in early 1990's. The first Pearl Jam's CD that I heard was Ten, their first album, and I really have impress with the strong of their music, songs like Black, Alive, Even Flow or Garden have a deep impact in me when I was 14 years old. My brother showed them to me in that time, and that changed all that I usually listened to that moment, since then I heard more English and American rock music, Listenes Pearl Jam opened a different kind of music to me, so other form to undestand and enjoy de music

I think that one of my biggest mistake in my life is not have gone to one of the two concert that this group made in Santiago.

Here I leave one of my favorite Pearl Jam's song, Given to Fly, I hope that you enjoy it.