viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Tomás Moulian: Thinking Chile.

I think Tomás Moulian is one of the most brilliant Sociologist and Political Scientist of Chile (unfortunetly we don`t read him very much in the carreer).He studied in Catholic University of Chile and have posgrades studies in Belgica and Paris, he was Flacso Subdirector and  ARCIS's Sociology School director.

Moulian has been one of the witness, protagonist, and privilige analyst of current chilean history, especially in left political party discussion. Analysing four kinds of "Chiles" in his book; The Chile of Rebels with couse (1960-1979), The Popular Chile (1970-1973), The Authoritarian Chile (1973-1990) and the present Chile, Moulian present the conditions to make Politics in Chile and how to think (and do) the social change. Permanently writing, this autor, from a critical perspective describes the political crisis, the political parties decadence, and the crisis of class concinsousness.

I like this author because he don`t only describes and critics the current Chile, he also think about the posibility about other Chile, and the posibility of build a new left colective proyect. In this sense I recommend "El deseo de otro Chile", which is a small and easy book to read in a weekend, and "Chile actual: Anatomia de un mito" which althought It was written 15 year ago, I considerer it one of the most important books to understand the Post dictatorial period in Chile.