jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

About my pets.

Well, I forgot to do two post. And one is aboaut Pet. But I don't exactly what I have to do, because this topic was for three weeks ago -Yeah I know I have been a little Lazy with english, In fact, I have to do a Video yet about my hobbie. I did it, but I think is to bad to show you. Well I think tomorrow I will do it.

Pets, pets, pets... I don´t know what to say... Maybe a I never  get to close to any pets. In all my life I have had a lot of pets. The first that I rembember is Diana whish is a Boxer and she was very important in my childhood, but I don´t remember her too much. One of the most important dogs in may family was Bonka, She was a "Siberiana", she was very loyal with my family,she was always with us, and taking care of me when I was a child.

Bonka came a sommer in 1995, after Diana's died. But In 1998 I had to leave Bonka because my parents divorce, where Bonka stay with my father in my old hause, and my mother, my brother and I went to an apartment. 

in 2000's my brother was in the University, He studied veterinary medicine, so for a time our apartment was full with a lot of animals, like tourtles, hamsters, birds, and a litle dog called Toto. Toto was very beloved for my brother and I, but we taught him to bad, soon he came  very  bad-mannered. He was the little prince of the family so early my mother doesn't tolerate him too much, and when we moved to another house Toto, had to stay with my father.

I don´t know, I have loved a lot of pets but I never feel that I finish the circle with one. Right now I don´t have pets, I think I don,t need it. Maybe when  I move to another house to live alone. but I don´t care right now.

Maybe I am to insensitive, I'm Sorry jajajaja.

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Fight club

Today I am going to speak about arts, especially movies, and particulary about a film which I like a lot.
This movie is an 1999 american film called "Fight Club". This film is directed by David Fincher (who direct a several good movies like "Social Network", "Se7en" and  "The Girl With Dragoon Tattoo") and stars Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter.

Fight Club is about an "everyman" (Norton) who has a white-collar Job and he is very dissatisfied whit his life, with his job, his boss, and all the people who is around him. His way to scape, to sublimate all bad thing in his life he fall in all thing that belongs to a capitalist and consumist society. He has to buy always new furniture to feels well with himself.

This everyman suffers from insomnia (like a lot of people today who have headache or depress), and his doctro refuses to give him medication and advises him to visit a support group to see more severe suffering. Strangely he becomes addicted to attending this support grupos because he finds an emotional release that relivier his insomnia. He become impostor in several support groups but he find another impostor, Marla Singer (Bonham Carter), who disturbs him, so he negotiates with her to avoid the same groups.

After the mysterius destroy of his apartament, Norton calls Tyler Durden (Pitt), a soap salesman whom met in a business trip, and thet meet at a bar. In a conversation about consumerism provoke a conscious and a deliberate fight, which liberate the "everyman" so they start to fight all night outside that bar. This fight attract a lot men and they start to fight in the bar`s basement where form a "fight club"

I am not going to write more, because you have to see it, this movie has many changes in the plot. But I think that "fight club" is an intersting movie which deals about consumist society's subjective consecuence and psicology desease. And a way to scape ir and subvert it.