viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

In the Mountain.

I am not really keen of photografies, so this exercises is interesting for me because allow me explore a different kinds of art that I use not to enjoy. (In that way, I really like music, literture, theather and Film art). Also allow me talk about a new passion which I discover recently; go treaking. About that is what discribe this picture. It was taken in Dolomites, Trentino, Italy, And it was the 2º winner of  "Unforgettable Landscapes" contest.
In the picture you can see a little valley in the mountains, which is run throught by a river. The picture is very exciting for me because you don`t only amaze about the beautiful Landscape, you are also fraghtened or intimidated about the grey and cloudy sky, which indicate rain or probably a storm.And that if you are treaking o hiking is a bad sign, overcoat if you are far from home or central camp, because you can lost in the middle of the storm and the walking turns very difficult with all your things wet. However when you start to do this sport, you don`t really care about the fraightend, you are in a symbiosis between sport, culture and enviroment, which make you feel alive.

viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

The Neiberhood Sorprise

Two weeks ago, there were primary election in Providencia’s municipality, where Josefa Errazuriz, or “Pepa” as her called her friends, won with a 39,7% of ballots go beyond of the liberal candidate Cristobal Bellolio, and the socialist candidate Javier Inzulsa.

This was a sorprise, because this sociologist have not  policy network or is an active member of a political party. However, she is well-known as an active neirberhood leader. She since 1988, is member of neiber council “Los Estanques” , and since 2002 is member of the directory of it.
But she doesn’t stop there. In the period 2002-2005 she was president of  defense committee of green areas and in the period 2004-2006 was member of the quality of life committe’ s directory.

Josefa Errazuriz will compete with the current Providencia’s mayor Cristián Labbé (Also know as Labbestia), who has a very well evaluated administration, but he is acussed to run a very authoritarian administration. We can see this in the handling of the student movemet, whe he expel several student for be a  movement’s leaders.

Labbe is Providencia’s Mayor since 1996, and this municipality election is an oportunity for the Providencia's people to take him out.

sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

My Best Friend

My best friend is Silvana, I call her Shivi, Shivito, Shivilu and several names more. She is 21 years old and studies English in Universidad Alberto Hurtado. I met her in the school in Instituto Miguel Leon Prado, we were classmate around 12 years but it was just on the first years of preparatory when we started to be really close, before that we even hate between as.
Shivi and I become closer when I entered to the school's scout group. There, in "la ruta", formed a group named Trapen Mewin (where I met Sebastian who becomes a really good friend too).
I considered Shivi my best friend because is one of that persons who stay with you after all. She makes me laugh a lot, and I have de best conversation of life with her.
Today we don´t see us very much, because we are very busy with thing in the college. But once a month we gather in San Miguel to drink a beer.