martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Free topic: Let´s talk about Skyfall

As must you know, there are a long story movie about a british agent called James Bond. This year came off the last movie of the Saga, Skyfall.

If well I never liked very much James Bond's Saga, I habe to say  that this movie I liked particularly. In it you not only will see -that we always see in a Hollywood movie- big colosal explotions or faster and unbreatheable pursuits. You will see a more complex James Bond (Daniel Craig) that isn´t exist in the other movies. At the begining of the movie the agent, came back from the death, a existential return that makes James Bond face to himself... decadence, damage and resistent Bond saw in his mirror.

When he came back he has to face his nemesis -a very well interpretad evil guy by Javier Bardem- who is a ex-agent becoming a psicopath by abandonment and principal motherly figure of the movie, M (Judi Dench)

And there are, the darnkness and couldest ideas from a technological and global hell where are not nations or evil organizations, Only hackers that with a couple of operations coul make the life in a nightmare. I like this idea that proyect the movie, bacause has a correlate in sociological theory, whe this talk abaout post-industrial society or red society, where the limits of national-estate progresive erase product the progresive movements of globalization.

And for me is very potent the Edipic relationship between M and her agents -Bond and Silva- both hate her but in the same time both love her. this very potent Idea structure all the movie. Becoming M to the real Bond woman.

viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

My future Job

Well this subject is difficultt to talk to a sociology student. Because when you enter to this carreer, you don`t know exactly what the career is. I mean you know thath sociology is the science of socity, you reserch the socity, but what do yo do with that?. Well lately you will realese that you can do a lot of things, work like public policy, academic reserch, market reserch or even administrative things refer about human things like human resources.

Well when I get older, I would like to keep studying, maybe take a Master. A like a lot subject referer to Policy;  Science Policy, studiying subjects like governments, social conflicts, social movements; I like Political Philosophy too, there I would like to study more abstract subjetcs like freedom, equality, liberalism and marxism. Between both disciplines I like the study of Latin America, and every way I take I would like to have a very special reference to this region, because a I considerer it very interesting.Other option could be public policy, but I think it will be more bored.

Well so what Job I would like to have. I don `t know exactly. I would like to work in an International organism to have the posibility to travel a lot. Maybe in an foreing policy organism, or other like International Labour Organization, CEPAL, or PNUD. But to take a job in that places you most be very inteligent, talented, and very -very- well conected  in that social networks.

So to work in that places it is a kind of dream. Speeking more realist, I think that I would like to work at university, doing classes, in a consultant, doing reserch in things like ecology, public opinion, or market reserche.

I am very opened to what it came.

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

English Challenge.

To me English is very interesting subjetc,like I said in another time, I think that learn differet lenguages gives you the posibilty to thinks in differtes way, To learn a lenguage you learn a different culture and the way to do it. I think that is very interesting to me and to my profession because I have to undestand, to comprehend several human behaviors, and try to see what about of that different behaviors have in common. An example of this is the humor. For me is very dfficult to say a chilean joke in english to foreing people. And when you read or see english joke you think that are very inocent, jajajaja, maybe our humor is more ironical or maybe I can`t see the ironical of foreing jokes or maybe we use to much chilean expression ( I remember a friend that in an English post he wanted to say that he like to dance to the floor "bailar hasta el suelo", but that expression don`t have sense in english, and for that isn`t funny)

I think to learn English in a class room is very difficult. Because you don`t have easily the posibility to discover the world., to interpreted it. I am trying to learn german right now - I said trying because is a very difficult lenguage for me-. I said this because I have a very interesting experience with a german friend. We went to a market and in it she thaught me a lot of thinks. We started to easy thinks like, "How do you say apple in german?" -Apfel- "And bananas?" -Banane-, lately I started to ask for colors  "Welche Farbe ist das?, and I started to ask for expression, for thinks that you can by in Chile that you can`t buy in German and the another way. I think that  day I learn a lot of german, because somehow the german lenguage approach to me, or come to me And always you have to approach to the lenguague.

Outside the English class, I use a lot of english to follow Obama's elecction. To follow the debates and the news about the elections. I don`t like the simultaneous translation. And Obama's Speeches are the most epical speeches that I never heard in a chilean politician

I think that I have a to improve a lot of my english. I need to learn write in academic english, to write papers, and to do I have to learn more complex vocabulary. I have to start to read more english papers too. In some ocasion I do, but not all the time. . I have to accustomed to do that.

jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

About my pets.

Well, I forgot to do two post. And one is aboaut Pet. But I don't exactly what I have to do, because this topic was for three weeks ago -Yeah I know I have been a little Lazy with english, In fact, I have to do a Video yet about my hobbie. I did it, but I think is to bad to show you. Well I think tomorrow I will do it.

Pets, pets, pets... I don´t know what to say... Maybe a I never  get to close to any pets. In all my life I have had a lot of pets. The first that I rembember is Diana whish is a Boxer and she was very important in my childhood, but I don´t remember her too much. One of the most important dogs in may family was Bonka, She was a "Siberiana", she was very loyal with my family,she was always with us, and taking care of me when I was a child.

Bonka came a sommer in 1995, after Diana's died. But In 1998 I had to leave Bonka because my parents divorce, where Bonka stay with my father in my old hause, and my mother, my brother and I went to an apartment. 

in 2000's my brother was in the University, He studied veterinary medicine, so for a time our apartment was full with a lot of animals, like tourtles, hamsters, birds, and a litle dog called Toto. Toto was very beloved for my brother and I, but we taught him to bad, soon he came  very  bad-mannered. He was the little prince of the family so early my mother doesn't tolerate him too much, and when we moved to another house Toto, had to stay with my father.

I don´t know, I have loved a lot of pets but I never feel that I finish the circle with one. Right now I don´t have pets, I think I don,t need it. Maybe when  I move to another house to live alone. but I don´t care right now.

Maybe I am to insensitive, I'm Sorry jajajaja.

viernes, 19 de octubre de 2012

Fight club

Today I am going to speak about arts, especially movies, and particulary about a film which I like a lot.
This movie is an 1999 american film called "Fight Club". This film is directed by David Fincher (who direct a several good movies like "Social Network", "Se7en" and  "The Girl With Dragoon Tattoo") and stars Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter.

Fight Club is about an "everyman" (Norton) who has a white-collar Job and he is very dissatisfied whit his life, with his job, his boss, and all the people who is around him. His way to scape, to sublimate all bad thing in his life he fall in all thing that belongs to a capitalist and consumist society. He has to buy always new furniture to feels well with himself.

This everyman suffers from insomnia (like a lot of people today who have headache or depress), and his doctro refuses to give him medication and advises him to visit a support group to see more severe suffering. Strangely he becomes addicted to attending this support grupos because he finds an emotional release that relivier his insomnia. He become impostor in several support groups but he find another impostor, Marla Singer (Bonham Carter), who disturbs him, so he negotiates with her to avoid the same groups.

After the mysterius destroy of his apartament, Norton calls Tyler Durden (Pitt), a soap salesman whom met in a business trip, and thet meet at a bar. In a conversation about consumerism provoke a conscious and a deliberate fight, which liberate the "everyman" so they start to fight all night outside that bar. This fight attract a lot men and they start to fight in the bar`s basement where form a "fight club"

I am not going to write more, because you have to see it, this movie has many changes in the plot. But I think that "fight club" is an intersting movie which deals about consumist society's subjective consecuence and psicology desease. And a way to scape ir and subvert it.

viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

The Best Holidays

I think the Best Holidays That I have was last Fall when I went to Europe, but I already write about that travel in my last two post, so I will write about my second best holidays and there was of the 2010.

At Janury of 2010, I went with my school friends, Gabriel, Josese, Pablo and Sebastían to Peru. We started the travel in bus, from Santiago to Arica. That was like 36 hours of traveling and they where very fun. I meet a Bolvian Worker who told me about the diference between Chilean and Bolivian people, how he was very grateful about Chile, and how where female chilena people.

When we got to Arica, I disliked a lot the city, because it was very hot and with a lot of drunk people who tried to cheat on you. We took a small bus to Tacna, which is very similar to Arica, where the peruvian people offer us a lot of weed. Obviusly we didn`t take anyone, we were in a different country and could be dangerous.

We got to Arequipa, which is very beatiful and colonial city, just too noisy becuase the cars play the horn all time. Finally we get to Cuzco, which is very very fun and cosmopolitan city, with a very beatiful colonial architecture and very awesome and deeply Inca`s ruins. In Cuzco you can share with a lot of foreigner people, since argentinian until korean people, and you can go party with very few money, because you can get in the central square of cuzco a "free drink" ticket of the all pubs and discos of cuzco, and you can go to pub to pub chargen this ticket, and when you find some place that you want to stay, you can stay there. Thats is very important advice, however Peru is a very cheap country for the Chileans, in Cuzco is very expensive so you have to save youy money all that you can.

Then we took a bus to the hydroelectric central where you have to walk like 3 or 4 hours to Aguascalientes, the town, most near to Macchu Picchu. That walk is very beatiful, you can see a lot of animals and very weird plants.

Well Macchu Picchu, is very beautiful, I walked thru its street and I thought all the time about "Alturas de Macchu Picchu" the poem of Pablo Neruda, and the songs of "Los Jaivas". I think is a very spiritual place to go and think the majesty of the Inca People.

Well I recomend a lot this place to visit. And go to your friends and expericend the starving for no eat food to save money and be tired all time because the long walks.

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

Ich gehe nach Deutaschland: Das land der Dicher und Denker

Today I have to write about one country that I want to visit, work or study. I think that this assignment is the most interesting work that I have to do to an English course, because learning other lengueges open the world to people and open de posibilities to think differently and this  assignmente motivate you to know other places and other people, and that is very inspiring.

If I have the posibility to go to one place. I would go to Germany.

Always Germany has impress me for their culture. At first you can see Germany as a secund candle of West Thought (the first is greece), the german philosophy is historically significant to the world with thinkers like Immanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche and Shopenhauer. The firsts precusors of Sociology are from Germany like Karl Marx and Max Weber. As well later we can see the important critical theory with thinkers like Adorno, Horkheimer, and (one of my favoirte autors) Jürgen Habermas. Well, with all this philosophy you can undestand why some people say that Germany is the land of the Poet and Thinker (Das land der Dicher und Denker).
I like also Germny because is a very develop and confortable country. It has a very impresive, dense and modern train transport network. You can go to everywhere in that country just in time. Even you can planificate your travels months before. And  the train system is very well conected with urban transport system, with buses, metro and tram (tram is like Valparaiso's trolebuses, but much more modern).

I would like to live in Berlin because is very exciting, cosmopolitan, cultural, and develop City. Throughout its street a lot of  history has happened. Since the begin of Prussian Kingdom, the first and secund war world, until the fall of  Berlin Wall (and the fall of socialism goverment system). You can see all this history in one place, and you could be moved by the things that nazi regimen did to the jews, with a lot of memory museum, where you will be terrefied about control and killing systems of the nazis.

In berlin the first thing tht you will see is the "Fernsehturm", the TV tower, which is the tallest structure in the European Union with 368 meters located in downtown, "Mitte", at AlexanderPlatz, the old center district of East Berlin.

If you start in East Berlin and you study in Social Science School, you are interest in left political think, or you are interest in architecture  maybe you will be interest to visit Karl Marx Alle, which is a boulevard avenue lined by monumental residential and comercial buildings, designed in the Socialist Classicism.

Berlin is like an explotion of culture in your face, you can go to museum island where you can find too many important work of art history like greece, egyptian, roman, clasic art. The East Side Gallery is an inevitable place to go too, is an exhibition of art painted on the last existing places of the Berlin Wall.

There are a lot of festivals like Berlinale a Film Festival. It is one of the world's leanding film festival and most reputable media events. You also can find design, architecture, and music (if you like classic and jazz music this is you place) festivals.

Well,  I could write about Berlin for a long time because is a very passionate city wich excited you until you blood. I want someday go and live and study in this increible city. To do that i have to learn a lot of German and improve a lot my english.

See you next week.

Auf Wiedersehen.

viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2012

First Term: Good and Bad points.

The 2012's First term was very special for me. It was a time for change of perspective in very several ways. At first I resign to university politics, after have been participed a lot in the 2011's education movement. This participation tired me very much, so for this year I decided to dedicate time for me, to do more sports like go hiking and my grades (that were no so well).

About my subjets, last term, they were very intersting. My favorite was "Estructura y Acción Social en America Latina" where I saw the decadence of National-Popular regimes, the dictatorships, and the started of democracies, seen their impact in the social structure and in the politic and social action (the social movements). We compare the  situation of Argentina, Brazil and Chile, that was very interesting Other subject where we saw something similar It was "Teoria 5: Teoria y sociedad Latinoamericana" but we studied here things more theorical refered like modernization or dependece theory. By otherhand I have two very stressing subjects, Statistic and Public Policy, if well are very useful to profesional life, they were very demanding.

I have to say that last term, in general, It was very stressing for me because I planed a long travel so I have to finish my test earlier than my classmates, that means that March and June I was locked in my room studying like a monkey.

viernes, 15 de junio de 2012

Tomás Moulian: Thinking Chile.

I think Tomás Moulian is one of the most brilliant Sociologist and Political Scientist of Chile (unfortunetly we don`t read him very much in the carreer).He studied in Catholic University of Chile and have posgrades studies in Belgica and Paris, he was Flacso Subdirector and  ARCIS's Sociology School director.

Moulian has been one of the witness, protagonist, and privilige analyst of current chilean history, especially in left political party discussion. Analysing four kinds of "Chiles" in his book; The Chile of Rebels with couse (1960-1979), The Popular Chile (1970-1973), The Authoritarian Chile (1973-1990) and the present Chile, Moulian present the conditions to make Politics in Chile and how to think (and do) the social change. Permanently writing, this autor, from a critical perspective describes the political crisis, the political parties decadence, and the crisis of class concinsousness.

I like this author because he don`t only describes and critics the current Chile, he also think about the posibility about other Chile, and the posibility of build a new left colective proyect. In this sense I recommend "El deseo de otro Chile", which is a small and easy book to read in a weekend, and "Chile actual: Anatomia de un mito" which althought It was written 15 year ago, I considerer it one of the most important books to understand the Post dictatorial period in Chile.

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

In the Mountain.

I am not really keen of photografies, so this exercises is interesting for me because allow me explore a different kinds of art that I use not to enjoy. (In that way, I really like music, literture, theather and Film art). Also allow me talk about a new passion which I discover recently; go treaking. About that is what discribe this picture. It was taken in Dolomites, Trentino, Italy, And it was the 2º winner of  "Unforgettable Landscapes" contest.
In the picture you can see a little valley in the mountains, which is run throught by a river. The picture is very exciting for me because you don`t only amaze about the beautiful Landscape, you are also fraghtened or intimidated about the grey and cloudy sky, which indicate rain or probably a storm.And that if you are treaking o hiking is a bad sign, overcoat if you are far from home or central camp, because you can lost in the middle of the storm and the walking turns very difficult with all your things wet. However when you start to do this sport, you don`t really care about the fraightend, you are in a symbiosis between sport, culture and enviroment, which make you feel alive.

viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

The Neiberhood Sorprise

Two weeks ago, there were primary election in Providencia’s municipality, where Josefa Errazuriz, or “Pepa” as her called her friends, won with a 39,7% of ballots go beyond of the liberal candidate Cristobal Bellolio, and the socialist candidate Javier Inzulsa.

This was a sorprise, because this sociologist have not  policy network or is an active member of a political party. However, she is well-known as an active neirberhood leader. She since 1988, is member of neiber council “Los Estanques” , and since 2002 is member of the directory of it.
But she doesn’t stop there. In the period 2002-2005 she was president of  defense committee of green areas and in the period 2004-2006 was member of the quality of life committe’ s directory.

Josefa Errazuriz will compete with the current Providencia’s mayor Cristián Labbé (Also know as Labbestia), who has a very well evaluated administration, but he is acussed to run a very authoritarian administration. We can see this in the handling of the student movemet, whe he expel several student for be a  movement’s leaders.

Labbe is Providencia’s Mayor since 1996, and this municipality election is an oportunity for the Providencia's people to take him out.

sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

My Best Friend

My best friend is Silvana, I call her Shivi, Shivito, Shivilu and several names more. She is 21 years old and studies English in Universidad Alberto Hurtado. I met her in the school in Instituto Miguel Leon Prado, we were classmate around 12 years but it was just on the first years of preparatory when we started to be really close, before that we even hate between as.
Shivi and I become closer when I entered to the school's scout group. There, in "la ruta", formed a group named Trapen Mewin (where I met Sebastian who becomes a really good friend too).
I considered Shivi my best friend because is one of that persons who stay with you after all. She makes me laugh a lot, and I have de best conversation of life with her.
Today we don´t see us very much, because we are very busy with thing in the college. But once a month we gather in San Miguel to drink a beer. 

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

My favorite piece of Technology

Well, I'm not very skilled in technology stuff, but with the time I have learned that is a very important sphere in the modern life, because make life much more easier and quick in all aspects so you have to be trained to discover all the posibilities that the technology could offer you.
The device with a I started to understand all this world is my cellphone, a Samsung Galaxy i5500. Is a Smartphone which have a operating system, Android, so you can extend the funcionality of the device with different applications or "apps". This apps could be different kinds of games, or could be somethings so useful like an English-Spanish traductor. Also you can connect with social networks like facebook or twitter or you just can listen music or radio.
I got this device since one year ago, when I saved money to buy a cellphone which I could see my e-mail. In that time I considered not necesary a smarthphone but I just let myself go by this cellphone.
I use this device all time, seven days a week. Well I have to say it, I'm a little slave of this device, this is one of the consecuence of technology I belive.

viernes, 20 de abril de 2012

My favorite band

I don`t really have a favorite band, I think that you have different moment in your life where you have different favorite artist, movies or books. Well, saying that, my favorite band in this moment is an american group called Pearl Jam, they formed in Seatle like other awesome groups like Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Soudgarden. They are of the principal bands of grunge movement in early 1990's. The first Pearl Jam's CD that I heard was Ten, their first album, and I really have impress with the strong of their music, songs like Black, Alive, Even Flow or Garden have a deep impact in me when I was 14 years old. My brother showed them to me in that time, and that changed all that I usually listened to that moment, since then I heard more English and American rock music, Listenes Pearl Jam opened a different kind of music to me, so other form to undestand and enjoy de music

I think that one of my biggest mistake in my life is not have gone to one of the two concert that this group made in Santiago.

Here I leave one of my favorite Pearl Jam's song, Given to Fly, I hope that you enjoy it.