martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Free topic: Let´s talk about Skyfall

As must you know, there are a long story movie about a british agent called James Bond. This year came off the last movie of the Saga, Skyfall.

If well I never liked very much James Bond's Saga, I habe to say  that this movie I liked particularly. In it you not only will see -that we always see in a Hollywood movie- big colosal explotions or faster and unbreatheable pursuits. You will see a more complex James Bond (Daniel Craig) that isn´t exist in the other movies. At the begining of the movie the agent, came back from the death, a existential return that makes James Bond face to himself... decadence, damage and resistent Bond saw in his mirror.

When he came back he has to face his nemesis -a very well interpretad evil guy by Javier Bardem- who is a ex-agent becoming a psicopath by abandonment and principal motherly figure of the movie, M (Judi Dench)

And there are, the darnkness and couldest ideas from a technological and global hell where are not nations or evil organizations, Only hackers that with a couple of operations coul make the life in a nightmare. I like this idea that proyect the movie, bacause has a correlate in sociological theory, whe this talk abaout post-industrial society or red society, where the limits of national-estate progresive erase product the progresive movements of globalization.

And for me is very potent the Edipic relationship between M and her agents -Bond and Silva- both hate her but in the same time both love her. this very potent Idea structure all the movie. Becoming M to the real Bond woman.

viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

My future Job

Well this subject is difficultt to talk to a sociology student. Because when you enter to this carreer, you don`t know exactly what the career is. I mean you know thath sociology is the science of socity, you reserch the socity, but what do yo do with that?. Well lately you will realese that you can do a lot of things, work like public policy, academic reserch, market reserch or even administrative things refer about human things like human resources.

Well when I get older, I would like to keep studying, maybe take a Master. A like a lot subject referer to Policy;  Science Policy, studiying subjects like governments, social conflicts, social movements; I like Political Philosophy too, there I would like to study more abstract subjetcs like freedom, equality, liberalism and marxism. Between both disciplines I like the study of Latin America, and every way I take I would like to have a very special reference to this region, because a I considerer it very interesting.Other option could be public policy, but I think it will be more bored.

Well so what Job I would like to have. I don `t know exactly. I would like to work in an International organism to have the posibility to travel a lot. Maybe in an foreing policy organism, or other like International Labour Organization, CEPAL, or PNUD. But to take a job in that places you most be very inteligent, talented, and very -very- well conected  in that social networks.

So to work in that places it is a kind of dream. Speeking more realist, I think that I would like to work at university, doing classes, in a consultant, doing reserch in things like ecology, public opinion, or market reserche.

I am very opened to what it came.

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

English Challenge.

To me English is very interesting subjetc,like I said in another time, I think that learn differet lenguages gives you the posibilty to thinks in differtes way, To learn a lenguage you learn a different culture and the way to do it. I think that is very interesting to me and to my profession because I have to undestand, to comprehend several human behaviors, and try to see what about of that different behaviors have in common. An example of this is the humor. For me is very dfficult to say a chilean joke in english to foreing people. And when you read or see english joke you think that are very inocent, jajajaja, maybe our humor is more ironical or maybe I can`t see the ironical of foreing jokes or maybe we use to much chilean expression ( I remember a friend that in an English post he wanted to say that he like to dance to the floor "bailar hasta el suelo", but that expression don`t have sense in english, and for that isn`t funny)

I think to learn English in a class room is very difficult. Because you don`t have easily the posibility to discover the world., to interpreted it. I am trying to learn german right now - I said trying because is a very difficult lenguage for me-. I said this because I have a very interesting experience with a german friend. We went to a market and in it she thaught me a lot of thinks. We started to easy thinks like, "How do you say apple in german?" -Apfel- "And bananas?" -Banane-, lately I started to ask for colors  "Welche Farbe ist das?, and I started to ask for expression, for thinks that you can by in Chile that you can`t buy in German and the another way. I think that  day I learn a lot of german, because somehow the german lenguage approach to me, or come to me And always you have to approach to the lenguague.

Outside the English class, I use a lot of english to follow Obama's elecction. To follow the debates and the news about the elections. I don`t like the simultaneous translation. And Obama's Speeches are the most epical speeches that I never heard in a chilean politician

I think that I have a to improve a lot of my english. I need to learn write in academic english, to write papers, and to do I have to learn more complex vocabulary. I have to start to read more english papers too. In some ocasion I do, but not all the time. . I have to accustomed to do that.