jueves, 25 de octubre de 2012

About my pets.

Well, I forgot to do two post. And one is aboaut Pet. But I don't exactly what I have to do, because this topic was for three weeks ago -Yeah I know I have been a little Lazy with english, In fact, I have to do a Video yet about my hobbie. I did it, but I think is to bad to show you. Well I think tomorrow I will do it.

Pets, pets, pets... I don´t know what to say... Maybe a I never  get to close to any pets. In all my life I have had a lot of pets. The first that I rembember is Diana whish is a Boxer and she was very important in my childhood, but I don´t remember her too much. One of the most important dogs in may family was Bonka, She was a "Siberiana", she was very loyal with my family,she was always with us, and taking care of me when I was a child.

Bonka came a sommer in 1995, after Diana's died. But In 1998 I had to leave Bonka because my parents divorce, where Bonka stay with my father in my old hause, and my mother, my brother and I went to an apartment. 

in 2000's my brother was in the University, He studied veterinary medicine, so for a time our apartment was full with a lot of animals, like tourtles, hamsters, birds, and a litle dog called Toto. Toto was very beloved for my brother and I, but we taught him to bad, soon he came  very  bad-mannered. He was the little prince of the family so early my mother doesn't tolerate him too much, and when we moved to another house Toto, had to stay with my father.

I don´t know, I have loved a lot of pets but I never feel that I finish the circle with one. Right now I don´t have pets, I think I don,t need it. Maybe when  I move to another house to live alone. but I don´t care right now.

Maybe I am to insensitive, I'm Sorry jajajaja.

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