viernes, 28 de septiembre de 2012

The Best Holidays

I think the Best Holidays That I have was last Fall when I went to Europe, but I already write about that travel in my last two post, so I will write about my second best holidays and there was of the 2010.

At Janury of 2010, I went with my school friends, Gabriel, Josese, Pablo and Sebastían to Peru. We started the travel in bus, from Santiago to Arica. That was like 36 hours of traveling and they where very fun. I meet a Bolvian Worker who told me about the diference between Chilean and Bolivian people, how he was very grateful about Chile, and how where female chilena people.

When we got to Arica, I disliked a lot the city, because it was very hot and with a lot of drunk people who tried to cheat on you. We took a small bus to Tacna, which is very similar to Arica, where the peruvian people offer us a lot of weed. Obviusly we didn`t take anyone, we were in a different country and could be dangerous.

We got to Arequipa, which is very beatiful and colonial city, just too noisy becuase the cars play the horn all time. Finally we get to Cuzco, which is very very fun and cosmopolitan city, with a very beatiful colonial architecture and very awesome and deeply Inca`s ruins. In Cuzco you can share with a lot of foreigner people, since argentinian until korean people, and you can go party with very few money, because you can get in the central square of cuzco a "free drink" ticket of the all pubs and discos of cuzco, and you can go to pub to pub chargen this ticket, and when you find some place that you want to stay, you can stay there. Thats is very important advice, however Peru is a very cheap country for the Chileans, in Cuzco is very expensive so you have to save youy money all that you can.

Then we took a bus to the hydroelectric central where you have to walk like 3 or 4 hours to Aguascalientes, the town, most near to Macchu Picchu. That walk is very beatiful, you can see a lot of animals and very weird plants.

Well Macchu Picchu, is very beautiful, I walked thru its street and I thought all the time about "Alturas de Macchu Picchu" the poem of Pablo Neruda, and the songs of "Los Jaivas". I think is a very spiritual place to go and think the majesty of the Inca People.

Well I recomend a lot this place to visit. And go to your friends and expericend the starving for no eat food to save money and be tired all time because the long walks.

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  1. alejandro Peru is beatifual, and Machu Pichu is magic place!

  2. Great place and I supposed they were fun-tastic holidays. I've always wanted to go to Machu Pichu but noone's been willing to go with me... So i'll go alone at the end. Good post! Cheers!

  3. Hey there! I would love to visit Machu Pichu some day..