viernes, 23 de noviembre de 2012

My future Job

Well this subject is difficultt to talk to a sociology student. Because when you enter to this carreer, you don`t know exactly what the career is. I mean you know thath sociology is the science of socity, you reserch the socity, but what do yo do with that?. Well lately you will realese that you can do a lot of things, work like public policy, academic reserch, market reserch or even administrative things refer about human things like human resources.

Well when I get older, I would like to keep studying, maybe take a Master. A like a lot subject referer to Policy;  Science Policy, studiying subjects like governments, social conflicts, social movements; I like Political Philosophy too, there I would like to study more abstract subjetcs like freedom, equality, liberalism and marxism. Between both disciplines I like the study of Latin America, and every way I take I would like to have a very special reference to this region, because a I considerer it very interesting.Other option could be public policy, but I think it will be more bored.

Well so what Job I would like to have. I don `t know exactly. I would like to work in an International organism to have the posibility to travel a lot. Maybe in an foreing policy organism, or other like International Labour Organization, CEPAL, or PNUD. But to take a job in that places you most be very inteligent, talented, and very -very- well conected  in that social networks.

So to work in that places it is a kind of dream. Speeking more realist, I think that I would like to work at university, doing classes, in a consultant, doing reserch in things like ecology, public opinion, or market reserche.

I am very opened to what it came.

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  3. Alejo don't lost your hope of work in a International Organism