martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012

Free topic: Let´s talk about Skyfall

As must you know, there are a long story movie about a british agent called James Bond. This year came off the last movie of the Saga, Skyfall.

If well I never liked very much James Bond's Saga, I habe to say  that this movie I liked particularly. In it you not only will see -that we always see in a Hollywood movie- big colosal explotions or faster and unbreatheable pursuits. You will see a more complex James Bond (Daniel Craig) that isn´t exist in the other movies. At the begining of the movie the agent, came back from the death, a existential return that makes James Bond face to himself... decadence, damage and resistent Bond saw in his mirror.

When he came back he has to face his nemesis -a very well interpretad evil guy by Javier Bardem- who is a ex-agent becoming a psicopath by abandonment and principal motherly figure of the movie, M (Judi Dench)

And there are, the darnkness and couldest ideas from a technological and global hell where are not nations or evil organizations, Only hackers that with a couple of operations coul make the life in a nightmare. I like this idea that proyect the movie, bacause has a correlate in sociological theory, whe this talk abaout post-industrial society or red society, where the limits of national-estate progresive erase product the progresive movements of globalization.

And for me is very potent the Edipic relationship between M and her agents -Bond and Silva- both hate her but in the same time both love her. this very potent Idea structure all the movie. Becoming M to the real Bond woman.

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